What I've been up to...

Officially an Actor Combatant:

As of mid December I received a recommended pass under my third weapon discipline: Knife, through the Society of American Fight Directors. This along with previous training under Michael Chin, as well as my recent experience at the 2014 Summer Sling (hosted at Pace University) have allowed me to become an Actor Combatant. Not only can I proficiently be involved with staged knife combatant but I am also proficient in unarmed skills and skills with rapier and dagger. Stage combat is something I only started studying in the past year and a half but it has quickly become something I am incredibly passionate about and eager to use in my performances.

My Latest Performance:

This past Fall I was cast as Walker and Ned in Three Days of Rain by Richard Greenberg, directed by Maren Lavelle. It was put on through Stand Up Productions at Pace University and was an incredible learning experience as well as an immense amount of fun. Ned and Walker are both such wonderfully deep and passionate characters who will each have an impact on me as an actor for the rest of my life.

First Steps into Film:

Primarily when I entered Pace University I was only interested in being involved in stage performance. In the past year I have become more and more interested in film work and have begun learn more through being at student at Pace. Through my recent experience at the 2015 LA Acting Intensive with CTCA and Pace University, I along with the rest of my year were able to produce a Digital Acting Showcase. Which you can watch here! 

About me:

My name is Karl Keasler. I am from a very small town called Wilton, Connecticut and moved to New York City the Fall of 2011 to pursue Acting through the Pace University's School of Performing Arts. Ever since I was in 6th grade I've known that I wanted to be a performer. Acting has and always will be my passion,  I am an actor first before anything else but the word actor for me covers multiple different categories. Being an actor means you are a storyteller, and every good storyteller uses as many different means to tell a story. I use not only stage and film acting but am also involved with improvisation, music, stage combat and directing as a means to tell a story and entertain. I try to be involved with as much as I can to further my skills as a performer. I'm always eager to learn more and to be involved with as much as I can.  

The LA Acting Intensive:

During the entire Month of January I and the majority of my Acting Class were involved with an amazing film training experience through Pace University and CTCA. We learned film audition techniques, camera acting skills and had amazing guest speakers that are involved with every aspect of the the film industry on the West Coast. It was exhausting, enriching, powerful, and inspiring to learn from such amazing people, and to watch my class grow.