It's my life's work to express those emotions and feelings that can only be conveyed through music. It's how my spirit takes wing and soars to unfathomable, seemingly unreachable heights. I hope that my music does the same for your spirit, too.

Karl Keasler

Hi there!

My name is Karl Keasler. Thanks so much for visiting my website! I am an actor, musician, director, improviser, and SAFD member. Performing has always been my life, especially Stage Acting. Acting for me is not only about sharing the characters emotional experience, but also my own with an audience. Connecting with an audience is incredibly important to me as a performer, I believe it is not only about the give and take you have with your scene partner, but also the give and take you have with an audience. Stage Acting is a wonderful example of this give and take: in any performance where an audience's synergy is matched up with the actors, the energy in the theater is physically palpable. I live for that give and take as well as the emotional impact any performance can have on an audience. 

Please feel free to browse my website and contact me if you have any questions.